What binds us

#Promoting and developing activities at local, national and international levels, in various artistic, cultural and scientific fields;
#Stimulating the work of artists and other creative, scientific and cultural workers, through the agency of cultural and scientific projects, in a interdisciplinary perspective;
#Offering consultancy in cultural and scientific fields;
#Having an active role as a social intervention agent, by developing projects in partnership with institutions that operate in this field;
#Organizing scientific and artistic residencies, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, culinary activities and educational and therapeutic work studios in the context of education;
#Responding to the local community through projects that safeguard the cultural Heritage, stimulating small producers and their economies;
#Developing partnerships with diverse entities in order to create Training offers;
#Investing in networking by joining and creating national and international work platforms;
#Editing and distributing works and publications in print and digital formats;

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