Um Mar de Filmes! (A Sea of Movies)

Um Mar de Filmes!
(A Sea of Movies)

A Rizoma Lab – Cultural Association production – 1-29 September 2018 | 21h | Outdoors | Free entrance

A Sea of Movies – Portuguese Documentary Film Show, a project of the Rizoma Lab – Cultural Association, takes place every Saturday in September in 3 Monuments of the Algarve: Sagres Fortress, Chapel Nª Srª de Guadalupe and Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar , within the framework of the 2018 edition of DiVaM – Dynamization and Valorisation of Monuments, under the theme “Patrimony – What Future?”
There are 5 exhibitions altogether of quality documentaries, with international circuit and prizes in several festivals inside and outside the country, whose projections will be outdoors and with free entrance. This edition of A Sea of Movies adds a predominant theme: The Sea – Humanity’s environmental heritage, this region’s livelihood heritage, heritage and tourist attraction, and now more than ever, heritage at risk.
The opening film that inaugurates the Show is Mar de Sines (Sea of Sines), exhibited in the Sagres Fortress and will be attended by the director Diogo Vilhena and the producer António Campos. The closing will be of highly symbolic value with the film Medronho Every Days, filmed for a year in the then verdant Serra de Monchique and has a special moment: the Choir of the Confraternity of the Medronho “Os Monchiqueiros” and a test of medronho!
In these documentaries, which we can designate almost as contemporary archeology, by their symbiotic connection to the lives of people and regions we can really put the question: Heritage – What Future? It is not easy to answer, given the current circumstances, but we can try through the vision of these directors, who work with living people, with the present that still exists, with links to the past but with contemporary experiences. They are contemplative, artistic documentaries with little interference from filmmakers who take on the role of the observer, leaving situations and people delivered at their own pace, like an open window to real life.
The idea of doing this small documentary show is related to reasons such as the shortage of exhibitions and festivals in the area of audiovisual / cinema in this zone of the Algarve, creating a distance from the contemporary national creation on Portuguese themes or ideological and situational proximity, but also by the attempt to recover the experience of open-air cinema for the community, once the Algarve offers climatic, landscape, and historical conditions more than propitious.



Opening: 1st September – Sines Sea – FORTALEZA DE SAGRES
with the presence of director Diogo Vilhena and producer António Campos.

September 08 – It’s On Earth Is Not On The Moon, by Gonçalo Tocha – MEGALITIC MONUMENTS OF ALCALAR

September 15 – The Mother and the Sea, by Gonçalo Tocha – FORTALEZA DE SAGRES

September 22 – Pedra e Cal, by Catarina Alves Costa – ERMIDA N.ª SR.ª DE GUADALUPE

Closing: September 29 – Medronho Every Day (Unedo Omnes Dies), by Sílvia Coelho and Paulo Raposo – MEGALITIC MONUMENTS OF ALCALAR – European Heritage Days. With the Choir of the Confraternity of the Medronho “The Monchiqueiros” and test of medronho.

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Artistic Coordination and Curatorship: Luísa Baptista | Technical Production: Pedro Glória | Technical Assistant: to designate | Associate Programmers: Carolina Rufino and Diogo Vilhena | Communication and Press Release: Luísa Baptista | Web Development: Jorge Rocha | Graphic Design: Teresa Moreira | Audiovisual equipment: Algarproduções – Carlos Abreu | Sound Equipment: Pedro Glória / LAC – Laboratory of Creative Activities

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