SONDA: memori-futur in the Roman Ruins of Milreu

SONDA: memori-futur

May 26 | 9:00 pm | Free Admission | Roman Ruins of Milreu – Estói

The memori-futur project starts from a premise, from a question: People – the World – What Future? bringing to this intervention the timeliness of the events in the form of interviews with people who reflect their concerns, their predictions and intuitions about what could be the future of humanity in a kind of memory anticipated from where we are – a sensory prognosis.
We continue in a multidisciplinary and audiovisual installation / performance format, but now with a consequent upgrade and deepening of the places / themes through which the Sonda can expand.
How was the research done for this project? It all started with a roadtrip through the interior of the Algarve – from Aljezur to Alcoutim, where testimonies were collected on the indicated issue, in video-recorded interviews with people from various social backgrounds and ages, with different cultural contexts. The edition of this audiovisual material gave rise to a video-collection of faces and thoughts from the Algarve on big questions of humanity and resulted in an accidental documentary, whose excerpts and selected parts will be presented in this show, on May 26.

Who better to answer the question Heritage – What Future? that the living heritage – the people? What is heritage but the passage through this world of what we call Humanity, with its ways, its history, its manners and its preoccupations? Looking at what is left and what we have, one can understand and project our next collective movements and the consequences of our choices and actions. When we talk to people and listen to their answers, their feelings and visions, everything that influences our behavior and the traces that will remain in our future, we understand better the importance of our heritage.
One can not speak of the future, without mentioning memory – hence the name of this project: memori-futur – paradoxical as the times we live.

What we will find will be transformed into an object of artistic and intellectual enjoyment that does not leave the questioning behind, but complements it with the innovative framework of artistic experimentation. The music, the large-scale projections and the special atmosphere of the Milreu ruins combine for a unique journey where the boundaries of space and time are diluted to speak of what is timeless – existence

Heritage – What future? – is the key question that refers not only to our historical and architectural heritage but also to the immaterial, natural and environmental, to people, behaviors, traditions, orality and the production of thought and knowledge. We believe that throughout times and history, the same concerns have accompanied the existence of humanity, the fear of the future and / or even a certain enthusiasm and expectation. It would be interesting to take a trip back in time and ask our ancestors what would be the year 2018 for example, from their perspective, how would temples be and how people would behave in the surrounding environment. Not being able to do this, we can make this trip now and start collecting in the present what we are approaching in the times to come. Who answers this question is not SONDA, but all of us, more specifically the inhabitants of the Algarve in 2018.

SONDA – In the SONDA project, Pedro Glória mainly explores electro-acoustic sonorities. Much of his experimental work is based on the quasi-laboratory research of sound as a physical element, seeking acoustic effects in spaces, objects, people … in the surroundings. Sounds that originally are not exactly music, but that transform and become something organized and organic, eventually reaching the status of contemporary musical piece. The equipment used is: frequency generators, loop station, synthesizer-keyboard vintage, computer, digital recorder, mobile phone and tablet – new technologies at the service of artistic creation and an innovative dialogue with historical heritage.

Rizoma Lab – Cultural Association – A non-profit cultural association. It was founded in February 2015 in the city of Lagos (Algarve – Portugal) with the fundamental objective of carrying out cultural and scientific projects in an intercultural and transdisciplinary perspective. As in nature, RIZOMA LAB also grows horizontally, bringing together in a same platform different specialists and professionals who have been working and crossing areas such as Culture, Science, Art, Heritage, Architecture, Gastronomy, Communication, Society, Education, among others. The Algarve is the region favored by the interventions of RIZOMA LAB, but its action can also be extended to other Portuguese and foreign regions.

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Artistic Direction: Pedro Glória | Production and Communication: Luísa Baptista – contact: 966803707 | Photography: Hernâni Duarte maria |Graphic Design: Teresa Sousa | Video Research and Editing: Pedro Glória| Technical Support: Tião Costa

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