Sonda presents The Sounds From Here in the Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar

SONDA: The Sounds From Here
A production of Rizoma Lab – Cultural Association
22nd September | 7:18 pm- 9:00 p.m. | Free Admission | Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar

“The Sounds from Here” (Os Sons Daqui) is the first of two proposals by SONDA, a project by Pedro Glória, presented by Rizoma Lab – Cultural Association within the framework of the 2017 edition of the DiVaM program – Dynamization and Valorization of Monuments, initiative of the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve and integrated in the European Heritage Days.

During the sunset, in the passage from day to night, on the date of the Autumn Equinox, the Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar open their doors for the population, to observe the farewell of the summer and the change of season, light and time.

The public is invited to make a journey that reveals another look at this monument and the surrounding space, a sonorous and visual look that transforms the experience with space and builds a bridge between the unchanging past of the stones and the present / technology, through the audiovisual effects in the form of installation / performance, designed specifically for this monument and for this day.

The experience will last about 2 hours, where the public freely enter and leave the premises, and the prime time will be between 19h18 and 20h02m – official time of the beginning of Autumn.

The project The Sounds of Here focuses on a multimedia intervention and site specific, organized specifically for each monument, based on the previous collection of local elements that are integrated into the visual and sound performance to happen in each of the historical spaces – a second action will happen in the Chapel of our Lady Guadalupe, on the 2nd of December.

The collected elements depart from a direct approach to the community that inhabits the monument, exploring the concepts of the population about it, through interviews and testimonies, that allow to collect material in order to build a sound mesh with these recordings. This information aims to compile what, intuitively and starting from the empirical, mythological and filtered knowledge through the times and generations, generates the impression, idea and popular relation with the site in question. Thus it is a socio-ethnographic approach in counterpoint and in healthy challenge with the scientific view of archeology. In addition to these recorded sound impressions, images of details of the monument itself and their surroundings will also be collected, which will later be used for the projection of the chromatic texture.

This creates the sound of the space, a visual and auditory experience based on the physicality of the monument and the social environment, with a contemporary and multidisciplinary approach: sound, voices, frequencies and images of the surroundings designed to create a unique and stimulating ambience, bringing the new technologies into a megalithic space.

Places of Globalization

The motto for this intervention is part of the theme proposed by DiVaM 2017 – Places of Globalization (Lugares da Globalização) – a continuous process whose range is embedded in our experiences, aspirations and choices. It is part of the way we form our point of views, how we look at the past, the records that remain of it through heritage, how we use new technologies at present, why people come and visit us – and how we look at ourselves – what is our history. The SONDA project with The Sounds From Here seeks to find / trace these remnants of the effects of globalization on the way people look and feel the space and transmit it in the surrounding history of the monument to what is from here, what came from there, through a sensorial and contemporary way, using sound, image and technological gadgets – tools that are, in essence, a vehicle in the continuation and transmutation of Globalization.


In the SONDA project, Pedro Glória mainly explores electro-acoustic sonorities. Much of his experimental work is based on a quasi-laboratory research of sound as a physical element, seeking acoustic effects in spaces, objects, people … in the environment. Sounds that originally are not exactly music, but that transform and become something organized and organic, eventually reaching the status of contemporary musical piece. The equipment used is: frequency generators, loop station, vinatge synthesizer-keyboard, computer, digital recorder, mobile phone and tablet – new technologies at the service of artistic creation and an innovative dialogue with historical heritage.

Rizoma Lab – Cultural Association

Non-profit cultural association. It was founded in February 2015 in the city of Lagos (Algarve – Portugal) with the fundamental objective of carrying out cultural and scientific projects in an intercultural and transdisciplinary perspective. As in nature, also RIZOMA LAB grows horizontally, bringing together in a same platform different specialists and professionals who have been working and crossing areas such as Culture, Science, Art, Heritage, Architecture, Gastronomy, Communication, Society, Education, among others. The Algarve is the region favored by the interventions of RIZOMA LAB, but its action can also be extended to other Portuguese and foreign regions.

Artistic Direction: Pedro Glória | Production and Communication: Luísa Baptista – contact 966803707 | Photography: Fátima Vargas | Video Editing and Graphic Design: Teresa Sousa | Live Visuals: Alice Aires

SONDA – Os Sons Daqui I ( )
SONDA – Os Sons Daqui II (

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