Jane’s Walk back in Lagos


On next Saturday MAY 7th 2016, RIZOMA LAB is organizing a walk in LAGOS, integrated in the global Jane’s Walk Festival. You are welcome to join us and share your story.

On Friday May 61st untill Sunday May 8th 2015, thousands of people around the world will come together to walk and talk about what makes a good city for the Jane’s Walk festival. The festival is a global movement of free, locally led walking tours inspired by iconic writer and urban activist Jane Jacobs.

Jane’s Walk cultivates a broad understanding of how cities develop, function, and thrive. It works to advance walkable neighborhoods, increase urban literacy, and promote neighborhood cohesion, civic engagement and leadership.

In Lagos the walk will be organized by Rizoma Lab and lead by Elena Morán.

In Lagos the walk will happen in the former Rua Direita, whose construction begins in the late fifteenth century, that was the connection between the Porta da Vila ‘s of medieva- modern period ( next to Municipal Museum Dr. José Formosinho ) andPraça do Cano (now Praça Gil Eanes ) .
The walk will be, in historical terms, crossing the central hill of Lagos, buoyed by the streams of Bois and Naus, with preexistence of the Roman and late urban old center of Lagos, superimposed by a built-up erected between the end of the XVIII-XIX century and the twentieth century.

What is the today’s experiences of Rua Direita in the City historic center? What is the real impact of rehabilitation projects and urban renewal in its organization ?

Some of the walk themes that have taken place over the years include: being a newcomer to a community, food access and security, public art, public spaces, accessibility, health and wellbeing, sports, safety, gender issues, politics, revitalization and much more.

Every perspective is important to building vibrant and healthy cities.

The walk will be lead in portuguese and for more details about Lagos Walk visit:


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