Jane’s walk walked through the old Augusta street in Lagos

Last May 3, took place the first Jane’s Walk in Lagos. An initiative by Rizoma LAB guided by Elena Moran and organized as part of the international movement Jane’s Walk.

The walk was focused on the old Rua Augusta, which, within the ancient sixteenth century walls, starts in Porta da Vila and ends in Porta do Postigo, linking the two parish churches in town – Santa Maria and São Sebastião – located on the most salient points of the two bollards where they were deployed.

With the participation of about 30 people, the initiative started from two issues: What’s Rua Augusta today’s experiences in the City historic center ? What’s the real impact of Urban Rehabilitation an Renewal Projects in its dynamic ?

From Porta da Vila, the tour had several inputs, as conversations about the historical evolution and the connection of Lagos and its people to the sea and City’s urban planning.

We simply walked through the street, with numerous stops that allowed us to notice the big amount of craft-association procedures, and find out from the elders that in this street, there were several clinics and medical centers, but also memories of long lasting courtship at the windows and Prof. Taquelim school in vicinity of Sao Sebastiao Church. Two hours later, we reach the end of our walk in Porta do Postigo.

Jane’s Walk
Thousands of people from around the world meet annually to walk and talk about what makes a good city, in the Jane’s Walk festival.
The festival is a global movement of free, locally led walking tours inspired by iconic writer and urban activist Jane Jacobs.
Jane’s Walk cultivates a broad understanding of how cities develop, function, and thrive. It works to advance walkable neighborhoods, increase urban literacy, and promote neighborhood cohesion, civic engagement and leadership.

Some of the walk themes that have taken place over the years include: being a newcomer to a community, food access and security, public art, public spaces, accessibility, health and wellbeing, sports, safety, gender issues, politics, revitalization and much more.
Every perspective is important to building vibrant and healthy cities.
For more details about the Lagos Walk visit http://janeswalk.org/portugal/lagos/

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